Barboursville Park

Located at the Barboursville park spreading over 750 acres are soccer fields, three baseball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, little league baseball fields, midget football field, fishing lake and ponds, picnic areas, an amphiteater, walking trails, horse show ring, and an archery range.

The Barboursville Park features nine shelters that are available for reservation for special events. Reservations are from dawn to dusk. There are four large shelters with the capacity of 150 people. The rental price for the large shelters are Saturday and Sunday $100.00 and Monday through Friday at $50.00. The smaller shelters with the capacity of 60 people are $50.00 Saturday and Sunday and $25.00 Monday through Friday. Shelter number seven is actually a smaller shelter, but because it is by the lake it is charged as a large. Each shelter has electricity and one barbecue grille. All shelters have access to restrooms, playgrounds, and parking lots. There is plenty of fun for everyone so come on out and join us.

City of Barboursville:

Shelter Reservations
PO Box 266
Barboursville, WV
 (304) 736-8994 Xt 27

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Shelter #1
Large: Restroom-Handicap Accessible and Parking lot.

Shelter #2
Small: Playground Restroom and Parking lot

Shelter #3
Small: Furthest out on point. Playground is accesible, but not viewable from shelter. Longer walk to restrooms and from Parking lot

Shelter #4
Large: Good for elderly. Has a playground, swings, climbing and bouncing bridge and restroom.

Shelter #5 & #6
Small: Has upper and lower parking handicap accessible. Climbing playground and Restroom. Good for kids.

Shelter #7
Large: Short walk on left side of lake. Has playground, swings, slides, and bouncing bridge. Restroom and Parking lot accessible.

Shelter #8
Large: Right Side of Lake off of Parking Lot. Playground and Restrooms.

Shelter #9
Large: Left Side of Lake off of Parking Lot. Playground and Restrooms are accessible.


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